WMG And Norton Develop A TT Capable Electric Motorcycle – 201hp, 400Nm!

Together with Norton Motorcycles, Warwick University has built an all-electric motorcycle capable of competing at the Isle of Man TT.

To help with the engineering students effort, Norton has donated a motorcycle frame from the Norton V4 along with some crucial data for the university project.

*Norton V4

According to reports, the electric powertrain designed to work with the frame has a power output of 201hp and 400Nm.

The power comes from an immersion-cooled battery pack with 16Wh capacity designed to last longer, thanks to robust thermal management strategies.

The cooling system will allow the motorcycle to operate at an efficient temperature rate based on the requirements of the track.

Interestingly, it took just seven months for the students to develop a functioning electric motorcycle based on the Norton V4 frame.

The motorcycle has since undergone a significant amount of tests and is currently in the process of mitigating the risk of failure.

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