Video: Watch the BMW Motorrad HUD concept in action

BMW Motorrad HUD system for bikes could potentially make riding easier and safer as demonstrated in a special video.

Loyal readers would remember our report of BMW Motorrad showcasing its HUD and laser headlight technologies for bikes during CES 2016. Now, you can see for yourself how one of the two innovative concepts shown could make biking both safer and easier.


The head-up display or HUD technology isn’t new for the BMW Group as the tech is fitted in a series of premium BMW models over recent years. But when adapted for motorcycling use, especially in the form of the concept’s helmet integrated system, riders of the near future will need not worry about gaining various information on the go.


As previously reported, BMW Motorrad plans to develop the in-helmet HUD technology further over the next few years. It will start off offering basic data such as speed and bike condition. The German manufacturer will include more data in the future such as navigation, speed limit warnings and road sign reading abilities amongst others. Beyond that, the tech will also include a multitude of interactive features such as action-cam recording and convoy communications.


The video posted above demonstrates the potential of the technology brilliantly, and it is leaving many (us included) anxiously awaiting its arrival in the next few years.

Source: BMW Motorrad @ YouTube

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