Video: Samsung smart windshield for motorcycles

Samsung smart windshield system aims to make riding safer.


South Korean consumer electronics marque Samsung looks set to make motorcycle riding even safer after showcasing the Samsung smart windshield system recently.

The aim of this innovative hands-free suite, which by the way is still a prototype, is to allow riders to interact with their smartphone without having to take their hands off the handlebars and eyes forwards.


The Heads-Up Display (HUD) system used by the suite isn’t a new thing, but the way Samsung integrated the smartphone-based communications and interacting with the notification system is.

Ideally, Samsung aims for its smart windshield module to be installed in the vehicle first. Then, it will connect wirelessly with a smartphone via a dedicated app, which in turn will relay selected notifications in the main display.


This system would allow riders to check their notifications such as text and social messages, emails and incoming phone calls whilst a bar-mounted control allows the rider to respond using predefined patterns. This includes text message responses that most would use in situations as such like “I am driving” or “Call you back in 5 minutes” are amongst many presets users can select to reply.


On top of this, the Samsung smart windshield prototype is also able to project GPS navigation prompts too, which should aid riders who prefer to use popular smartphone navigation apps.

Presently, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any plans to implement this revolutionary piece of tech in the mass market just yet, but this working Samsung smart windshield prototype indicates that it would not take the firm long to do so.

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Source: Samsung via AutoEvolution / YouTube

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