Vehicle Entry Permit Required for Foreign Vehicles Entering Malaysia

  • The Road Transport Department of Malaysia is implementing the Vehicle Entry Permit system for foreign-owned vehicles to enter the country.

  • It will be implemented in three phases.

  • Phase one covers vehicles entering from Singapore.

The Road Transport Department of Malaysia (JPJ – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan) will require all foreign owned vehicles to register for a Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) to enter the country. The system will be implemented from October 2019.

The department will issue the VEP via an online “simple three-step action.” They also added that the program will be implemented in three phases.

Phase one commences from 1stOctober 2019. It covers vehicles entering from Singapore through Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and Kompleks Sultan Abu Bakar in Johore. The VEP-RFID tag can be installed or collected at four designated areas in Johor Bahru:

  • Gelang Patah Southbound R&R;
  • Plaza Angsana open carpark;
  • Pandan R&R;
  • Lima Kedai Toll Plaza.

Phase two involves foreign-owned vehicles entering Malaysia from Thailand, while phase three covers vehicles entering through the Malaysia-Brunei border. These two phases will be implemented “in due course.”

Each VEP is valid for five years (RM 25), although drivers can apply for a one-off permit which costs RM 10.

The RTD aims to avoid cloned vehicles from entering and being sold in Malaysia. Additionally, it prevents vehicles with outstanding summonses from leaving the country.

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