Honda VFR800 X Crossrunner updated for 2015


Honda VFR800 X Crossrunner gains minor style revisions and updated powertrain for 2015.

Honda’s European arm recently announced a series of updates to its VFR800 X Crossrunner model for 2015.

Firstly, the Crossrunner’s 782cc V4 powerplant has been improved, with power rating raised from 101hp to 106hp @ 10,250rpm. Additionally, the powertrain updates promises improved low and mid-range torque too.

Complimenting the revised powertrain is the 2015-spec’s chassis longer-travel suspension and new brakes. Next comes minor styling updates. The 2015 VFR800 X Crossrunner gains anew set of wheels, followed by new LED lights. Heated grips, self-cancelling indicators, and ABS brakes will be offered as standard equipment.


The most crucial updates lies in the 2015 Crossrunner’s traction control system. The 2015 model gains Honda’s Selectable Torque Control System (S-TCS) derived from its larger sibling the Crosstourer.

The updated VFR800 X Crossrunner is slated to hit Europe markets starting December this year.

Source: Asphaltandrubber

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