The posh commuter – Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. review

Want big-body style and comforts with an efficient small-capacity powertrain? Perhaps the Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. is the answer.

• Big-body style and convenience
• Small yet highly efficient powertrain
• Taut and very comfortable ride
• Timeless and classic looks
• From RM16,800*


At first glance, you could say that the Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. is a bit of an oddball in the Vespa range. This entry level variant in the Italian marque’s GTS range sees it merging the perks of a big frame with the advantages of small capacity powertrain.

It sounds as if it wasn’t an ideal pairing on paper at least, and it got our curiosity running. However, all our doubts were quickly silenced after testing the Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. over the weekend recently. The GTS 150’s concept proved to be a surprisingly good mix and here’s why.


Firstly, Vespas are cool and nothing else comes close to it. This GTS 150 Super is no exception to that, especially when dressed in our test unit’s matte grey paint job that Vespa calls ‘Grigio Titanium’. While you may think it is over the top, this shade of grey quickly grows on you, and this seemingly ‘current’ hue matched itself well with the signature Vespa classic design lines when seen in the flesh.


What we also loved here were the GTS 150 Super-specific ‘Super’ decals and the cooling vents donning on both sides of the rear quarter, the vents on each side of the front fairing, as well as the classic touches of chrome in the mirrors, pillion grab handles and engine trim covers. This modern-meets-retro rendition does look dashing, but we know many would settle for the more contemporary Monte Bianco white or Rosso Dragon red colour schemes instead.


Either way, you’d still look very chic and stylish, and you’d probably face the everyday dilemma of raiding your closet searching for the right Armani or Versace outfit to match with your ride instead of Alpinestars or Dainese gears. Furthermore, it also doesn’t look out place in an event like the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR).

Thankfully, the GTS 150 Super’s large frame isn’t just about better looks, it also adds further to both comfort and practicality. Whilst all Vespa may look the same when viewed at a glance, modern Vespas actually come in both small- and large-body forms and sizes. Models like the LT and LXV make up for the former whilst others like the Sprint, Primavera and GTS falls in the latter.


In fact, the GTS range is the largest model platform in Vespa’s current line up, and the difference was very apparent when we put our GTS 150 test unit next to our editor’s own LX 150. If that wasn’t clear enough, the table below should give you a clearer understanding.

LT LXV Sprint Primavera GTS
Length 1,770mm 1,770mm 1,860mm 1,852mm 1,950mm
Wheelbase 1,280mm 1,280mm 1,340mm 1,334mm 1,350mm
Width 705mm 740mm 695mm 680mm 740mm
Seat height 785mm 785mm 790mm 780mm 800mm
Fuel Tank 7.5 litres 7.5 litres 9 litres 8.5 litres 9 litres



Near six-footers will rejoice with the Vespa GTS 150’s offer of greater legroom, taller seat height and handlebars positioned slightly higher and further forward. Adding to that is the more comfortable seat design, which is identical to the unit primed it the Primavera.


The other advantage of this larger frame is the enhanced practicality and convenience. Most notable here is the GTS 150 Super’s larger under-seat storage bin over other Vespa models below it. It has an electric release action via a button and a double partition that easily fits two open face helmets. More importantly, there’s enough space here to safely store that favourite designer messenger sling bag of yours when riding.


Complementing the bin is the nifty glove compartment in the front fairing. Also considerably larger than other Vespa models below, it is perfectly sufficient at storing typical pocket items such as a smartphone, wallet, a set keys and et al. There’s even a neat hook placed next to the ignition key port that easily allows anyone to hang tapau lunches or even teh tarik packets from your neighbourhood mamaks.

The only thing the GTS 150 Super lacks is a USB port or a 12-volt socket, meaning you’d best be carrying your powerbank with you to charge your smartphone under the seat or in the glovebox.


Of course, the GTS 150 Super’s big-body style and perks come at a price. It tips the scales at roughly 20kg more than the Primavera, and this was something we immediately noticed when we first rode it. Much of this comes from the large body and frame itself, along with other accompanying bits like the rear disc brake plus the stiffer and heavier centre stand assembly.

What is also apparent is this Vespa’s deficit in power against its size. After a while though, these became small niggles once we got used to its characteristics.


Power comes from the same LEm 3 air-cooled 154.8cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine as found in the Primavera. Boasting three valves, electronic fuel injection and a convenient electric starter, the mill healthily develops 11.67hp @ 7,500rpm and peak torque of 12Nm @ 5,000rpm. All that is then transmitted to the rear wheel using a twist-and-go CVT automatic transmission that features a dry centrifugal clutch and vibration dampers.

Off the line sprints are less perky in this GTS 150 compared to smaller and lighter LT and LXV, but the super-smooth delivery is something we know many will enjoy. This 154.8cc LEm 3 engine has proven to be very frugal and efficient unit too, offering a longer maximum travel range as well when paired with the GTS 150’s larger 9-litre fuel tank. Notably, the GTS 150’s powertrain was perfectly setup for cruising. The sweet spot for cruising is anywhere between 90km/h to 100km/h.


With any Vespa, power isn’t a top priority. Nevertheless, the more powerful Vespa GTS 300 Super and GTS 300 Super Sport variants should fit the bill, but be prepared to pay the exorbitant prices they command – from RM37,009.69* and RM40,800* respectively. Crucially, you don’t need a B-full class license to own the GTS 150 thanks again to that small capacity powerplant.

What we loved most with the GTS Super 150’s package was its ride and handling. This model’s longer and wider body does impede traffic filtering abilities, but only slightly. It is still very easy to manoeuvre in town and is still small enough for anyone to park it just about anywhere in the city. Much of this also boils down to the excellent suspension and dampers primed.


The GTS 150 is equipped with Vespa’s signature single arm with coil spring and hydraulic shock absorber up front, followed by the rear’s hidden coil spring with hydraulic dual action and 4 preload adjustable settings. Being good enough to conquer cobblestone streets of Rome and Milan with great stride and finesse, the setup soaks up our roads’ typical imperfections beautifully. At the same time, it still felt very taut and compliant, even when doubled-up with a pillion too.

The stopping power from the all-round disc brakes was equally excellent. This setup is undoubtedly more superior than the typical front disc with rear drum setup found in the LXV and Primavera. Furthermore, the levers don’t require strong tugs as each is easily modulated with just one or two fingers too. ABS is absent here as it is reserved for the more powerful GTS 300 variants, but it isn’t a necessity in a small capacity scooter like the GTS 150.


Overall, the Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. does have its quirks, but these drown out quickly thanks to its big-body style and convenience, plush ergonomics and brilliant ride comforts. Perhaps the GTS 150’s last but biggest challenge for anyone is its premium price tag that starts from RM16,800* set by official importer and distributor Naza Premira Sdn Bhd.


One can argue that a similar-sized Japanese rival is both more practical and perhaps just as capable at half the Vespa GTS 150’s asking price. However, they lack the chic styling and cool charms that all Vespas naturally possess. After all, nobody said that style and substance was cheap, and this GTS 150 has them both in great abundance.

Check out more pictures in the gallery we’ve prepared at the end of this post. Also, don’t forget to check out our previous launch report and review of the Vespa LXV 150 3v i.e. as well (Launch report)(Review)

(*All prices quoted are nett prices excluding 6% GST, road tax and insurance)


Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e. Specifications

ENGINE LEm 3 four-stroke 154.8cc
single-cylinder with three valves,
electronic fuel injection and
electric starter
POWER 11.67hp @ 7,500rpm
TORQUE 12Nm @ 5,000rpm
CLUTCH Dry centrifugal clutch
with vibration dampers
CHASSIS Pressed Steel Frame
with welded reinforcements
SUSPENSION F: Single arm design with
coil spring and dual action
mono shock absorberR: Twin Coil spring with
adjustable preload (4 settings)
and hydraulic dual action
BRAKES F: Hydraulically operated
200mm steel discR: Hydraulically operated
200mm steel disc
TYRES & WHEELS F: 120/70 R12 (tubeless)

R: 130/70 R12 (tubeless)

LENGTH 1,950mm
WIDTH 740mm
FUEL TANK 9 litres
PRICE RM16,800 nett
(without 6% GST, road tax and insurance)


Gallery – Vespa GTS 150 Super 3v i.e.

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