Terengganu Bike Week 2014 in pictures

The 3rd Terengganu Bike Week took place over the weekend at Pantai Batu Burok, Terengganu, Malaysia. Held by the beach, the event has been steadily attracting visitors from Thailand and Singapore as well as around Malaysia in the thousands.


The TBW 2014 attracted close to 10,000 people with about 500 bikes on display and thousands more coming in and out of the show grounds. Some of the main attractions was the various stunt shows held by KTM distributor as well as the show organisers.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (197)

The TBW is organised by the Terengganu Motorsport Association whose President is Tengku Sri Temenggong Raja Datuk Seri Tengku Baharuddin Al-Marhum Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah, seen here visiting the Shell Advance-Bikes Republic booth at TBW.


Impressively, TBW2014 also brought together the best minds in custom modifications as well as custom bike builders.


It also attracted newer riders, like these pair of Victory’s.


Superbikes are always a favourite, there was an equal amount of Japanese and Euro exotics, but big brands like Ducati and Aprilia also made their presence felt with a massive booth displaying the entire current range of models.


Animal activists may not approve, that’s why this snake skin is just a spray on. Great detailing though.


The east coast of Malaysia is littered with old exotics left back from the British and Japanese eras as well as war worn classics.


Then there are also rebuilt, restored classics like this Triumph.


Sometimes it gets a little too far.


Time has beaten this classic Yamaha, but it has aged well. It deserves a special mention, and so does the special certificate it received. Shown in the next picture.


Buruk Lepok roughly translates to “ugly and old”.


Azura of Aprilia Malaysia.


Plenty of pretties everywhere.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (70)

Spreading the republic.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (278)

Wild guess on what this is, leave your comments below.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (276)

The Bling scene has hit Harley riders. The end is neigh.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (266)

Starting them young, stretching them out.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (247)

TBW is also a great place to close a deal, old and new bikes are available in the hundreds. There’s always stock.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (254)

VIPs mingle with the crowd too.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (256)

Classics aplenty.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (249)

Hardcore support.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (242)

Tough brother with a smile, something you’ll see in abundance at TBW.

Terengganu Bike Week 2014 (238)

You also have to watch your back for zooming machines, they’re everywhere!


Co-founder of Bikes Republic and a motoring journalist by night. He is a self described enthusiasts with a passion for speed but instead rides a Harley and a J300. A man of contradictions, he is just as passionate about time off in the quiets as he is about trail braking into turn one at Sepang Circuit on two or four wheels.

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