Suzuki Recursion Concept rumoured to hit production

Rumours and re-registered “Gamma” and “Katana” naming rights indicate strong possibility of Suzuki Recursion Concept’s production prospects.


The last 12 months or so has proved to be quite exciting for the future of bikes. Kawasaki led the way when it re-introduced forced-induction after revealing its supercharged Ninja H2 street and Ninja H2R track bikes in last year.


Suzuki, on the other hand, was also reportedly interested in trying out the forced-induction method. The proof came when it revealed the turbocharged Recusrion Concept middleweight during the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show. Since then, the firm remained quiet throughout 2014 about the Recursion, but 2015 looks to be bright for the concept.

Citing a render published by a Japanese motorcycle magazine, sources believe that the Japanese S-brand is set to put the Recursion Concept into production very soon. Fuelling this rumour further is the discovery of Suzuki’s efforts in re-registering the “Katana” name and logo rights for the European and American market, followed by the re-registered “Gamma” name and logo for Europe.


However, it remains unclear for now whether either nameplates would be adopted for the rumoured-for-production Recursion. As a refresher, Suzuki first used the “Gamma” name for its short-lived RG500 Gamma superbike that it produced from 1985 to 1987. Back then, the Gamma featured a 500cc two-stroke engine that came out too late in a time when four-stroke engines were gaining a foothold in the market.

The “Katana” name, on the other hand, was used to christen Suzuki’s epoch-defining GSX600F and GSX750F machines from the 1980s. Though the name was later reassigned to brand its AY50 scooter, many purists and fans still relate the “Katana” name to the aforementioned 1980s brutes. This, in turn has led many to believe that the nameplate will lend itself to the production-bound Recursion.

Interestingly, American two-wheeled site Asphaltandrubber also reports that the Katana name was re-registered in the US as early as October 2010, but only allowed said information to be published in September 2014. While the site denotes that Suzuki’s motives remains unclear, the idea has indeed been brewing for some time already.


The Recusrion concept’s arrival in the market is an interesting proposition indeed. As previously reported, the Recursion concept was built around the idea of harnessing the power of a turbocharged liquid-cooled 588cc twin-cylinder engine that is packaged in a light and agile middleweight architecture.

Suzuki states that with the turbocharged twin-cylinder engine, the Recursion would pack big-capacity power and performance from a middleweight bulk, further stating that the force-induction allows for better fuel efficiency as well. The mill, which reportedly generates 100hp @ 8,000rpm and 100Nm of peak torque, will propel the concept’s claimed dry weight of just under 174kg – backing up Suzuki’s approach.


Presently, it is believed that the Suzuki brand is in dire need of a new model to regenerate interests in its range. The Recursion could very well do just that should it hit production.

And again, we re-iterate the fact that interesting times are ahead of us. The question still remains the same: Will bikers prefer the sweet whine of a supercharger’s turbine, or the blow-off sounds of a turbocharger’s wastegate? Hmmm…..

More on this as it develops. In the meantime, you can check out more of the Suzuki Recursion Concept in the gallery below.

Sources: Visordown ( Link 1 / Link 2) and Asphaltandrubber ( Link 1 / Link 2 )
Suzuki Recursion Concept

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