Strong Support from Women for the Moto and Gincu 2017 Ride

  • In conjunction with International Women’s Day 2017

  • More than 70 bikers joined in to show love and support

As we have mentioned in our article a few days back, Throttle Riot organised a very special ride called “Moto and Gincu” in celebration of women and bikers in the nation. As this was an event with a brand new concept, the initial start up managed to gather around 70 bikers for the event that happened last Saturday located at the Bee, Publika Dutamas.

The first meeting point was set at Triumph Motorcycles Malaysia (Fast Bikes) located in Petaling Jaya. (Quick note: The new Triumph Street Cup is already in the showroom!) At around 4pm, more and more women bikers started to show up in support of the event.

The brains behind Moto and Gincu is none other than cafe racer enthusiast, Raja Susrina. Raja is the founder of the motorcycling group Throttle Riot that was formerly known as GKL or “Gang Kak Long”.

We got the opportunity to speak with Raja herself to talk about the event and future of Moto and Gincu. Raja explained that her idea of organising such an event in Malaysia was a way to create a platform for this particular style of events in support of women. The idea is if the start up is proven to be successful, the direction of Moto and Gincu will go towards charity-like events in the future.

Another strong figure in the organizing the event was Hanis Hamdan. As you can see in the photo above, she rocks out the streets with her one-of-a-kind customised Honda CG125. The machine that started out life in the 80s was given a brand new and fresh outlook by Hanis.

Hanis explained that the event was a method to help create awareness about women and gender equality in the nation. With the help of a few friends to join in the ride like the Ipoh Road Clan, all riders and bikers had a few things in common; love and support for women and riding. Check out the support given by the lovely ladies from the Ipoh Road Clan below with one of the special guests of the event, Atilia Haron.

Around 5pm, the convoy started heading their way towards Publika the streets were lit up with the sight of strong and powerful women riders with bikes ranging from old school Japanese 80s scramblers to high performance rockets like the Ducati 848 EVO and BMW S1000RR.

Below is the deliciously-looking purple S1000RR we drooled over at a distance. There were a few blokes who joined in the fun in support of Moto and Gincu because at the end of the day, it’s all love.

Even the infamous “Puting Beliung” from Beautiful Machines made it to the scene to show some support and love!

We also managed to talk to one of the female riders, 21 year old Misha Rohaizat. She might look pretty and sweet but her weapon of choice that night was a 847cc Yamaha MT-09. Currently studying at Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology, she’s one of many perfect examples portraying the image of strong women.

“People used to think that motorcycles are for men but they forgot one thing; women can also go riding and enjoy ourselves. I myself have six bikes and have been riding for a few years since secondary school. The event is cool! I think it’s good because we get to know about other women riders who are rarely seen on the road and track. It’s a good start and I hope there will be more events like this in the future,” explained Misha when asked about Moto and Gincu.

There were a few performances from The Fatalis, Skits Music and Kapow. After the event was over, we concluded that the event was a success in terms of highlighting International Women’s Day here in Malaysia. By the looks of it, women in the motorcycle scene will just get bigger and better from here on out. So ladies, Happy International Women’s Day from us here at Bikes Republic and #BeBoldForChange!

Photo Gallery from the Moto and Gincu Ride 2017 @ The Bee, Publika

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