State Railway of Thailand (SRT): No Motorcycles Above 125cc

  • The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) no longer transports motorcycles above 125cc.

  • The ruling takes effect from 1stFebruary 2019.

  • There are Malaysian bikers who transport their bikes to Chiang Mai before riding to Mae Hong Son.

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) announced that they will no longer transport motorcycles above 125cc. The ruling took effect from 1st February 2019.

There are Malaysian bikers who transport their motorcycles by rail through Thailand to their favourite destinations or jump-off points before continuing on their journeys. One popular destination is the northern city of Chiang Mai, from where they ride to Mae Hong Son (the infamous 1000 Corners).

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Besides that, the bikers could relax or even sleep onboard the train instead of needing to spend 12 hours or more on the road. Doing so also saves from accruing fuel and accommodation costs along the way.

SRT did not assign reasons for the new ruling. Therefore, your speculations could be the same as ours.

This writer personally transported a BMW R 1200 GS on an SRT train in 2018. We boarded the overnight train in Bangkok bound for Hatyai. The porters weren’t friendly at all on that day for some reason and they had to lift the nearly 240kg beast into the cargo car by hand. We had to dismantle the luggage boxes and windscreen and brought them into the passenger car with us.

The news was conveyed through Please follow this link for more information on Thai train services

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