Should small motorcycles be banned from entering Kuala Lumpur?


Small motorcycles, or kapchais as they are known, may be banned from entering the city in a proposed move to reduce carbon emissions in Kuala Lumpur

Yes, you read that right. There might be a day where small motorcycles or “kapchais” won’t be allowed to roll into the city centre in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions and pollution. In reference to Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, the idea of banning small motorcycles and commuters from entering Kuala Lumpur will be put into discussion once a reliable and affordable form of public transportation is put into place.

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In an article written by The Star, Tengku Adnan stated that the population increases to around five to seven million people during the day and many cities do not allow small bikes to enter the city to curb the rise of pollution. The minister also mentioned that kapchais are also used by snatch thieves to commit their crimes.

On the other hand, he acknowledged that people still need these small motorcycles to go about their business and make a living especially those will lower incomes who can’t really afford other form of transport.

Some cities around the world are considering banning certain types of vehicles from entering their city centres in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint but one can’t simply take something away without a proper replacement. By the look of things, this will definitely be an uphill battle until a reliable and affordable form of public transport is put into motion. For now, the idea might stir a few arguments as there a significant number of people who rely on these small kapchais to actually earn a decent living including one of our journalists here at Bikes Republic and sister site, MotoMalaya.

The end result or intention seems reasonable but before any action is enforced, careful consideration must be implemented for the good of the people and country. As of now, we can confidently say that without these small motorcycles or “kapchais” and the good people riding them to work day in and day out, Kuala Lumpur will stop dead in its tracks.

In fact this move is not unprecedented. China for example, does not allow small motorcycles from entering major cities, in fact the government does not allow bikes of any sort from using the highway. But then again, there are only a few countries that do not allow motorcycles. Most developed cities like London have banned or are taxing cars when they enter the city centre as cars emit more pollution and create more congestion than bikes do. So perhaps the Federal Territories Minister should consider charging cars a “congestion charge” if they want to enter the city. This will significantly reduce the congestion and will lower the pollution levels for sure. We can almost guarantee that.

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