Singapore To Completely Ban Old Motorcycle By 2028

Singapore will introduce a stricter emission regulation starting from April 1 2023, in an effort to reduce air pollution.

According to Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA), every motorcycle registered before July 1 2003, is affected.

“These motorcycles can continue to be used until June 30 2028, as long as they meet the tightened in-use emission standards,” said NEA in a statement.

The new ruling also applies to every foreign motorcycle.

“This is similar to current rules requiring foreign motorcycles to adhere to the same exhaust noise limit as local motorcycles and not to emit any smoke or visible vapour,” explained the agency.

However, motorcycle registered after July 1 is covered by the new regulations.

Nonetheless, every motorcycle registered before July 1 2003, will be banned from the road starting July 1 2028.

Meanwhile, the Singaporean government offers SGD3,500 (RM10,800) for owners who de-register their old motorcycle earlier.

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