Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP 2014 – spectator side

While the race maybe the main event, it’s the sideshows that makes the local MotoGP different from the one every fans have been following on TV.


And this year as said by some attendees, is one of the most happening MotoGP as the long walk from the Sepang International Circuit Welcome Centre suddenly didn’t feel long enough.


More than 50 booth lined up the whole length of the walk from all the major biking brands to bike related accessories, some for display but most were not only for sale, but came with good deals.

Shell took over the whole Welcome centre previewing their new Advance lubricant made with their Gas To Liquid technology.


Next was Givi put up a very impressive booth with really good deals on their daily lucky draws, people were walking away with helmets and bike boxes, and that’s just for being there. They were also giving away Givi first aid kit free to any visitor that came and show proof of owning a Givi box by showing the key.


Benelli, Kawasaki, Aprilia, Ducati, BMW, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, MV Agusta, KTM were some of the bike brands that took part in the circus.


Best part was that the bike show started at the parking lot itself, it was a beautiful sea of bikes all mix together whole some had their own special slots as arranged by the convoy they came in, Kawasaki, Benelli, Aprilia, Ducati, even Givi had their own convoy.


Security was tight from the gate and they even erected watch towers, must be working well as so far no word about bikes or parts missing.

And according to unofficial numbers (as in not vetted yet) there were about 130,000 spectators that came for the three day event compared to 126,000 the year before. We wont be surprised if those numbers grows more next year.


So there you have it, if you missed the fun then check out the album below for a taste of the event and make sure you don’t miss it next year.

Co-founder of Bikes Republic and a motoring journalist by night. He is a self described enthusiasts with a passion for speed but instead rides a Harley and a J300. A man of contradictions, he is just as passionate about time off in the quiets as he is about trail braking into turn one at Sepang Circuit on two or four wheels.

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