Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup 2015 – Team Malaysia’s boosted return

Round 3 of the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup 2015 sees Team Malaysia strengthening its presence with two additional riders.

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As Round 3 of the Shell Advance Asia Talent Cup 2015 unfolds here in Sepang, Team Malaysia looks set to bolster is presence. The five young Malaysian riders enter the weekend with the addition of two more riders in the roster.


As previously reported, the grid welcomes Ahmad Idham Khairuddin as its first confirmed wildcard entry for the Malaysian round this weekend. And, we are glad to report to you that he is now joined by yet another home-grown talent on the grid by the name of 13-year-old Luth Harith Erwan.


Just like Idham, Luth makes his debut in the series as a wildcard. His credentials include stints in the Malaysian Cub Prix, as well as the MGP3 national-level Moto3 race series held by SIC last year.


With the guidance of his brother, national Moto3 rider Zulfahmi Khairuddin, Idham is showing good pace but has only managed to rank himself 18th fastest in both practice sessions today. Nevertheless, this is a respectable feat for someone who is handling a Moto3 bike for the first time. Luth, on the other hand, appears to be struggling after ranking dead last in both sessions. But as this is still the early stages of the weekend, we will know more when Qualifying unfolds tomorrow.


On the other end of the spectrum, Team Malaysia can rejoice with a good day’s result posted by Adam Norrodin. Adam was hot on the heels of Japanese rider Ayumu Sasaki in the first session where he ranked second fastest, but later improved and topped the time sheets in the day’s second session. Adam is by far the fastest of the seven and looks to be in a prime position of qualifying.


Rookie Azroy Anuar is still struggling after being ranked in the lower part of the standings in both sessions, but he has managed to show improved times in the second session.


The towering Fakhrusy Rostam is also enjoying a good day. The Pasir Gudang youngster ended the day ranked in sixth at the end of session two, improving on his time from day’s first session. Shafiq Rasol, on the other hand, seems to be struggling as he ends his day ranked in eleventh at the end of session two, having dropped from sixth in session 1.


But the news could not get any worst for Helmi Azman. Helmi’s performance today was hampered after discovering an injury during the first session, and was later forced to sit out the second session after race doctors deemed him unfit to continue. However, Helmi is hopeful in making it for qualifying tomorrow pending a final decision from race officials tomorrow morning.


With the exception of Adam Norrodin, it appears that Team Malaysia’s outing today was indeed a tough one, especially for Adam, Shafiq, and Azroy. But thankfully, all five riders plus the two wildcards joining them appear to be in high spirits. We can likely expect more from our boys come Qualifying tomorrow.

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