Why you should service your Kawas at the Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre (KESC)

There are several advantages of getting your bikes serviced at any of the Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre (KESC) across the country.

Equipped with the latest tools and equipment, all KESC are ready to service or fix any issue as fast as possible.

Combined with trained mechanics plus Kawasaki genuine and approve parts, only the best are allowed as part of Kawasaki Motors Malaysia’s great after-sales services.

There comes a time in every motorcycle owner’s life where they have to send their beloved bikes for its regular maintenance service. While there are many reliable private workshops out there who claim that they can do anything and everything under the sun for your motorcycles, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia took a step further with their Kawasaki Exclusive Service Centre (KESC).

So, what is KESC? As part of the manufacturer’s effort toward to the motorcycle community here in Malaysia, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) has only one specific goal; to provide the best possible after-sales services for all Kawasaki owners in the country. There are several benefits if you choose to service your bikes at any of the KESC available across Malaysia.

The biggest advantage of KESC is the fact that it is fully equipped with all of the latest tools and equipments in order to service any Kawasaki bikes from top to toe. Combined with the technical experience, knowledge and specialised training from their principal in Japan, getting your bikes fixed or serviced has never been so worry-free.

We are of course referring to their well-trained mechanics that are always on top of their game with the latest trainings and updates on all Kawasaki motorcycles. As part of KMSB’s dedication to the brand, only those who have the right set of skills and passion are allowed to work on your beloved machines. Each and every action presented to bike is recorded for easy upkeep and reference in case you need them in the future, too.

Can’t bear to leave your bike all alone? All KESC service centres come ready with a comfortable, fully air-conditioned waiting room or lounge so that you can wait in comfort as your bikes are getting serviced. With a clear glass panel overlooking the service bay for you to keep a close eye on what’s happening to and around your prized bikes, there’s also a television and coffee bar for entertainment and refreshment.

The biggest advantage of KESC however is that only Kawasaki approved and Genuine Kawasaki parts plus all of their lubricants, spark plugs, fluids, and brake pads are used. No shady or dodgy parts here, folks. Rest assured that everything KESC uses only Genuine Kawasaki parts that have been approved before being installed in any Kawasaki bikes being serviced there.

There are currently 80 authorised dealers and 32 authorised spare parts dealers all across the country, including in East Malaysia. This means easy access to not only new bikes, but also for maintenance, parts and accessories. To know their locations, CLICK HERE.

Additionally, you can also search any KESC or Kawasaki Pit Stop by authorised dealers via the Waze app. To know more about Kawasaki’s feature in Waze, CLICK HERE.

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