Schuberth: Complete Rebranding Unveiled at 2015 EICMA

Schuberth changes its look. At the EICMA in Milan recently, the helmet manufacturer from Magdeburg, Germany showcased their new and updated brand design at the world’s biggest motorcycle trade fair.

The fact that the German company returned to the EICMA after years of absence can be seen as a clear signal for the implementation of the company’s growth strategy. 


Schuberth has been designing and manufacturing high-end head protection systems since the early 1950s. With its wide range of innovative products, the company also produce protective helmets for industrial, fire service, police and military use. In addition to that, Schuberth’s close ties with Formula 1 has triggered the development of new products which set new standards for head protection systems.


During EICMA, Schuberth’s brand realignment was showcased even clearer by their new appearance; where the brand design used to be dominated by blue and a lot of white, now there is a strong focus on bright signal orange, while new fonts and the revised brand logo correspond with the decors of the presented helmets, which in turn are also much more modern. This new design language was reflected in their latest offering, the E1 and SR2 helmets.


With the innovative dual sport helmet E1, Schuberth is offering the first specialised helmet for riders of travel enduros and adventure bikes, combining the versatility and safety of a modern flip-up helmet with features addressing the special requirements of offroad use.

And with the new super sport helmet SR2, Schuberth presents a perfect piece of equipment on the cutting edge of technology for sport riders in real-world riding as well as race track use.



Schuberth CEO Jan-Christian Becker: “We have chosen especially renowned partners for the re-orientation of our design. The Hamburg based brand agency Jung von Matt/brand identity joined us in developing our new corporate identity and devising the corporate design. And the Kiska GmbH from Salzburg is responsible for the new decors of our motorcycle helmets“.


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