Rider saved by air vest

Rider miraculously survives crash thanks to air vest.

This is one of those stories that prove that ATGATT (All The Gear All The Time) Really goes a long way. More specifically, it shows that investing in something as advanced as an air vest really does pay.

As the story went, 74-year-old Jim Rasmussen was riding his Can-Am three-wheeled roadster towards Glenwood, Minnesota. As he was approaching an intersection, a car pulled into his path, causing an inevitable crash and Rasmussen thrown off his machine.

Rasmussen was reportedly thrown approximately 12 to 15 feet before hitting the ground. But when paramedics arrived, they were puzzled to see the 74-year-old rider still alive and conscious – an unusual sight as most similar cases result in serious injuries or death.

Rasmussen owed his life to the Helite air vest he was wearing. The California-based firm has pride itself as an airbag technology expert and has made a series of products using its proven airbag tech.

In Rasmussen’s case, he was spared from other traumas as well, prompting first responders to cancel a helicopter airlift and sent the experienced rider to hospital by ambulance instead. Rasmussen only spent a night in hospital before doctor’s cleared and discharged him.

The passionate rider and his wife have been riding together for a number of years and never skipped a beat with gear, even when he traded from his previous BMW for the Can-Am. Regarding his life-saving Helite airbag vest, Rasmussen added, “It’s hideously expensive, but definitely worth it.”

The Helite vest used by Rasmussen features a rigid neck brace and firm support for the back and chest. It is tethered to the handlebars and in case a rider gets flung off, a spring-loaded piston pierces the CO2 cartridge on the front to instantly inflate the airbag assembly surrounding the neck and body.

You can see the Helite air vest in action via the demonstration video attached below. You can also find out more about Helite and its airbag-equipped product range by visiting its site,

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