Rare 1938 Brough Superior BS4 sold for over RM1.89 million!

Ultra rare 1938 Brough Superior BS4 sold at auction for record-breaking sum of £331,900 (RM1,894,265)!


Late last year, we brought you word of the discovery of perhaps the last batch of un-restored Brough Superior motorcycles. Dubbed as the ‘Broughs of Bodmin Moor’, the collection was led by an ultra rare four-cylinder and twin-rear-wheeled 1938 Brough Superior BS4.

This week, news broke out that said bike went under the hammer in the famed Bonhams auction house where it sold for a record-breaking sum. The collection’s lead bike was sold to a German bidder who placed a staggering bid of £331,900 – roughly RM1,894,265. It now holds the title of most expensive British motorcycle ever sold at auction.

Bonhams had initially appraised the collection at £340,000 (RM1,940,494). However, each bike sold at a much higher price than initially valued during the auction, allowing the entire collection to fetch a total collective value of £752,625 (roughly RM4,295,484) instead.


As previously reported, the Broughs of Bodmin Moor collection were discovered in barns located in Bodmin Moor – hence the collection’s name – late last year. All of them were languishing for over five decades hidden under machinery and more junk. Their discovery ended the debate of their existence and was dubbed as the greatest motorcycle discovery of the decade by many experts.

What is truly remarkable is the fact that each bike in this collection of rusting junk were equally as expensive or more expensive in value as the bike’s we’ve listed in our recent ‘Most Expensive Motorcycles of All Time’ feature.

Broughs of Bodmin Moor

Source: Visordown

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