Piaggio Group Initiates Safety Recall For 2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello In America

Piaggio Group Americas has taken swift action by submitting a safety recall report to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on August 10, 2023 pertaining to a selected 2023 Moto Guzzi V100 Mandello motorcycles, spotlighting a potential rear shock absorber flaw that could have severe implications for riders.

  • the safety recall is due to a faulty rear shock absorbers. 
  • a total of 76 units sold to customers in the US are affected by the recall. 

The concern centers around a potential breakage in the rear shock absorbers, capable of causing a loss of control for the rider and elevating the risk of a hazardous crash. This predicament, however, is confined solely to certain units within the V100 Mandello lineup, featuring Kayaba suspension components. It’s noteworthy that the V100 Mandello S, boasting Öhlins suspension components, remains unaffected by this recall.

According to Piaggio Group Americas, an estimated 260 motorcycles in the United States could potentially fall under the recall, constituting a mere one percent of the affected population. Among these, 76 units have already been sold to customers, while 184 are currently in dealer inventories across the nation.

The root cause of this issue can be attributed to non-conforming rear shock absorbers furnished with either one or both bushings missing. Consequently, these flawed components could turn at an irregular angle in their mounting points, ultimately becoming rigid and prone to breakage at the lower shock mount, as specified in the recall report filed by Piaggio.

Reports suggest that Piaggio has been alerted to two instances of this malfunction manifesting in the real world, both emerging in the Italian market. These incidents, reported on July 7 and July 27, 2023, prompted the manufacturer to promptly initiate an update campaign plan on August 4, 2023.

That said, Piaggio has decided to address this concern through a comprehensive safety recall of the affected vehicles. Owners falling within the impacted VIN range will receive instructions to take their motorcycles to authorized Moto Guzzi dealerships. Here, qualified mechanics will conduct thorough inspections of the rear shock absorbers. If any shock absorber is identified to be missing one or both bushings, it will be replaced with a duly outfitted unit, all at no cost to the affected owners.

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