New Yamaha SCR950 is a Bolt-based scrambler

New Yamaha SCR950 revealed in the US as a Bolt-based hip and retro scrambler.

"XVS950XR USA CAN 2017"

Yamaha is now the latest manufacturer to join in on the retro scrambler bandwagon. Meet the new Yamaha SCR950, which is essentially the Yamaha XV950R Bolt re-imagined as a retro scrambler.

"XVS950XR USA CAN 2017"

Developed specifically for the US market, the Yamaha SCR950 sees mild aesthetic revisions over the XV950R Bolt base bike in its scrambler transformation, much of which being aesthetic. What remains here is the Bolt’s 942cc air-cooled, fuel-injected 60-degree V-twin heart and its double-cradle chassis design.

"XVS950XR Feature USA CAN"

The scrambler styling are clearly marked out through the wire spoked aluminium wheels wrapped in knobby tyres, a new and taller handlebar set, off road-esque front fork gaiters, as well as racing number plate style side covers.


The regular XV950R Bolt’s single-seat design has been replaced in the SCR950 with a low-profile bench-style unit as well. New here too is the 2-into-1 exhaust pipe with upswept muffler unit.


Without even browsing through the extensive photo gallery we’ve prepared below, it is easy to see that the Yamaha SCR950 has got the likes of the Scrambler Ducati and BMW R nine T Scrambler in its sights.


No doubt, Yamaha is trying to attract the hipster biker crowd by positioning the SCR950 larely as a statement of style and fashion. Fuelling that further is the fact that Yamaha has also prepared an extensive catalogue of aftermarket parts, accessories and lifestyle gear to match it too.


However, the question that still remains is this: will said hipster crowd – a much younger demographic– accept a cruiser that’s been dressed up as a retro scrambler into their movement? Perhaps this is something that only time would tell indeed.

The Yamaha SCR950 goes on sale in the US starting from July where it is priced from US$8,699.

2016 Yamaha SCR950

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