New BMW R1200 R and RS – mega gallery

Meet the new GS-engined BMW R1200 R naked and R1200 RS sport-tourer.

P90163327-highResAt this year’s annual INTERMOT show in Cologne, Germany, BMW took the wraps off several new bikes. We start off with the R1200 R and RS being first, and here’s everything you need to know about these two GS-powered Motorrads.


Both the R1200 R and RS share the same water-cooled 1,170cc boxer twin engine underneath that is lifted from the revered R1200 GS. Here, the mill generates 125hp and 125.6Nm to propel the R’s laden weight of 231kg and RS’ 236kg.


Standard-equipped are ABS and traction control suites. Additionally, two extra ride modes and ‘Dynamic Traction Control’ are offered as cost-option items, as well as a keyless ignition. Shared between the two is the high-tech TFT digital instrument panel.


Also offered as an optional feature on both is BMW’s semi-active Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA). The system offers two damping settings for riders to choose from in the R1200 R and R1200 RS, those being ‘Road’ and ‘Dynamic’.


Underneath, both the R1200 R and RS also share a new tubular steel bridge frame chassis. The new architecture design sees the engine acting as a self-supporting element.


Differentiating itself from the naked R1200 R, the R1200 RS sport-touring boasts half-fairings and a twin headlamp design. The naked R1200 R, on the other hand, adopts a traditional naked bike design with a single headlamp unit up front instead. Also different are the seat heights, with the R1200 R’s seat placed at 790mm off the ground and the R1200 RS’ at a taller height of 820mm.


With both the R1200 R and RS models, it seems BMW has filled every segment gap currently in the market, particularly for boxer engine lovers. Both the R1200 R and RS will hit markets worldwide starting early next year.

Check out the mega galleries we’ve prepared for you below.

2015 BMW R1200 R mega gallery – Studio

2015 BMW R1200 R mega gallery – Action

2015 BMW R1200 RS mega gallery – Studio

2015 BMW R1200 R mega gallery – Action

Source: BMW Press via Asphaltandrubber (Link 1 / Link 2) and Visordown

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