New Arai Ducati HV-1 Pro helmet

New Arai Ducati HV-1 Pro full-face helmet debuts sporting striking high-visibility graphics designed by Drudi Performance.

Leading helmet manufacturer Arai has expanded its exclusive-for-Ducati helmet range following the introduction of the new Arai Ducati HV-1 full-face helmet recently. The new helmet underpins the Arai Vector 11 Pro Tour shell design, and it is made using Super Fiber Laminate, making it both sturdy and lightweight.

The new helmet also sports a striking tri-tone asymmetrical graphics scheme designed by the Altro Drudi of the famed Drudi Performance design firm. The design merges a yellow-coloured hue using high-visibility and reflective paint with a shade of grey and black.


The unorthodox design merges both style and functionality as the reflective yellow paint was meant to increase a rider’s visibility to other road users under low-light, night-time and adverse weather conditions. Furthermore, the Arai Ducati HV-1 Pro stands as the first helmet in the Ducati apparels range that boasts both high-visibility and reflective paint features.

The new Arai Ducati HV-1 Pro is now available for purchase online via the official Ducati apparels store with prices starting from $650 in America and approximately from €650 in Europe.

Source: Ducati via AutoEvolution

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