New Akrapovič kit for Yamaha XSR 900

Tune the soundtrack in your Yamaha XSR 900 with these new and specially made Akrapovič exhaust kits.

Thought the soundtrack from the Yamaha XSR 900 and its MT-09-derived 850cc triple-cylinder wasn’t raspy enough? Then perhaps you need this new exhaust kit made especially for it by Slovenian specialists Akrapovič.

Customers can now order either the Akrapovič Racing Line Titanium or Akrapovič Racing Line Carbon exhaust systems and install them easily in their Yamaha XSR 900.


We start off with the Racing Line Titanium system. As always, it is made using high-grade titanium and comes finished in the brand’s signature two-tone scheme. The black-painted sleeve also features a white Akrapovič logo, giving good contrast to the collector’s and end cap’s polished bare metal sheen.


The photos show that the exhaust could be positioned either higher near the saddle or at a low-slung position closer to where the stock exhaust unit usually is. Passengers are protected thanks to two perforated metal heat shields as well that are likely offered as an external option.


The performance gains from the Akrapovič Racing Line Titanium system is significant healthy to say the least. Besides shaving 1.2kg in weight, it will also grant the Yamaha XSR 900 with an additional 4.1hp at 5,150rpm and a further 5.4Nm of additional torque at 5,200rpm. More importantly, this system is street-homologated and can be used on the road without breaking any laws.


Should you want more performance, then the Racing Line Carbon exhaust system should remedy this need perfectly. Though it is not street-homologated, the performance gain it offers is impressive to say the least.


Highlights here include its 3.8kg weight savings, 6.9hp boost at 9,850rpm, not forgetting the 6.4Nm boost in torque too at 5,150rpm. The other by-product of this system is the 8.5dB increase in static noise level to 102.5dB at 5,000rpm.


As always, just like any of its other kits, both the new Akrapovič Racing Line Titanium and Akrapovič Racing Line Carbon exhaust systems made for the Yamaha XSR 900 can be easily installed at home with basic mechanical skills and a decent set of home tools too – no special skills or tooling required.

Source: Akrapovič via AutoEvolution

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