Is this the new 2018 BMW S1000RR?

There’s a photo going around that some people have already assumed is the latest generation 2018 BMW S1000RR.

Photographed by Motorrad Magazine, the suspected new sports bike from BMW Motorrad sported all-round new updates to the chassis, swingarm and other body panel.

Rumours have also been circulating regarding BMW’s super brand new four cylinder engine that they’re going to put in their next generation premium sports bike for the coming year.

Image source: Motorrad Magazine

There’s one very specific picture that’s currently making its way around the internet that shows what people are assuming is the next generation BMW S1000RR. Based on our findings, we can confirm that the people are not wrong when referring the photo you see above.

2017 BMW S1000RR

Motorrad Magazine posted the photo of this very different BMW S1000RR and from what we can see, it’s an entirely different motorcycle compared to any of the previous generations. In term of looks alone, the styling has gone through quite a few updates to bring the possible 2018 model appropriately progressive into the future.

Major changes to chassis can be clearly observed and it won’t be just for show. In fact, it appears to have done so to probably accommodate the brand new inline-four engine that BMW is rumoured to have been working on specifically for their flagship superbike.

As we study the photo closer, the prototype BMW S1000RR appears to come with a brand new swingarm, updated chassis design and body panels. The biggest change to the iconic motorcycle that we’ve never seen before is the matching headlights.

We can also expect a lot of electronic updates including a fully-digital and very hypnotising colourful TFT display for their flagship crotch rocket. Other features in terms of electronics would probably be things like a more complex and sophisticated package with launch control, cornering ABS and codes to a couple of nuclear warheads.

The latest TFT meter panel for the 2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S

While it’s still very much too early to crack our heads on the next generation premium sports bike from BMW Motorrad, we’re confident that they sweep us off our feet when they finally introduce the newest 2018 BMW S1000RR at the end of the year.

2017 BMW HP4 Race

What we can confirm is that BMW Motorrad has all the capabilities needed to elevate the bike’s “RR” status into extraordinary heights and blow our minds right out of our tiny skulls. MIND BLOWN.

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