New 2017 Shoei RF-SR introduced

New range-topping 2017 Shoei RF-SR helmet series introduced alongside new graphics schemes.

Japanese helmet maker Shoei is just showed off its newest range-topping helmet destined to hit markets worldwide soon. Called the 2017 Shoei RF-SR helmet series, it comes brimmed with many of the firm’s top features while keeping its core functionality too.

The new 2017 Shoei RF-SR firstly feature a shell design that’s both compact and aerodynamic merged with sharp and aggressive styling for a distinct progressive look.


It also benefits with excellent airflow, an advanced lid system and fully removable inner-lining. All of which will see the 2017 Shoei RF-SR easily catering to both urban and long-distance riders easily.

Like any of the brand’s other helmets, the 2017 Shoei RF-SR will be handmade in Japan through Shoei’s signature and sophisticated process involving over 50 people for each and every helmet.


A total of seven colour schemes will be available. The selection includes Black, White, Matte Black, Matte Deep Gray, Basalt Gray, Tangerine Orange, and Matte Blue Metallic. Optional graphics options remains to be seen however.

But if you wished for something with more colours and graphics, Shoei also took the opportunity at introducing a range of new graphics for the rest of its premium helmet selections.


First comes the Shoei X-Fourteen and its newly added Marquez4 TC-6, Lawson TC-1 & Rainey TC-1, Laverty TC-4, Kagayama5 TC-2/TC-5, and Assail TC-5 graphics options.


Next comes the Shoei GT-Air series that gets the new Decade TC-1, Expanse TC-4 as well as Pendulum TC-1/TC-3/TC-5 graphics schemes.

Moving on the Shoei RF-1200,it now features the Parameter TC-1/TC-3/TC-5 layouts offered alongside the Vessel TC-5, Ruts TC-5/TC-6, Intense TC-7, and Flagger TC-1/TC-2/TC-3 options as well.


The Shoei Hornet-X2, on the other hand, only gets one new theme, he Navigate TC-3/TC-5/Tc-8, and so does the VFX-W, which will be available in Hectic TC-1/TC-2/TC-4/TC-5.

These, along with the new 2017 Shoei RF-SR series will arrive in markets sometime early next year according to the Japanese helmet firm.

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