MV Agusta F4 Zagato teased

Upcoming MV Agusta F4 Zagato teaser videos hit the web as anticipation runs high for its debut.


Two of the biggest Italian names in automotive, design house Zagato and motorcycle artisans MV Agusta, are teaming up for a brand new bike that promises to be one of the stylish ever made – the MV Agusta F4 Zagato.


Following its first online teaser, Varese-based bike maker MV Agusta confirmed that the upcoming concept is based off its flagship F4 superbike. Sadly, this debunks hopes for those expecting the first real world redux of Kaneda’s bike from the sci-fi anime epic Akira.

The good news is that it is a bike made by both Zagato and MV Agusta, so it promises to be stylish if not stunning. Don’t take our word for it; just watch the two teaser videos that both MV Agusta and Zagato have released on YouTube.

Sources online indicate that Milan-based Zagato has given the MV Agusta F4 superbike a complete makeover into, based off the original teaser render, a futuristic café racer of sorts. How this will sit amongst MV Agusta fans remains to be seen.

If the teasers are anything to go by, we can expect something that’ll look seriously cool and unique when it debuts on 4 Sept – just two weeks away. Like you, we’ll be holding our breaths just for a bit until the MV Agusta F4 Zagato is finally unveiled.

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