Malaysian Super Series 2013 – Round 1

With five Malaysian Super Series (MSS) Bikes titles already under his belt, Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin made an excellent start to his 2013 season campaign last weekend. 


Making his debut in the 1000cc Superstock Open Championship category, Nashrul won Race 1 under excellent weather conditions. He however had to settle for third place in the rain-plagued Race 2 that was red-flagged and later restarted due to the dangerous wet circuit conditions, giving Race 2’s win to Kelvin Chia.


Nashrul’s older brother on the other hand, three-time Superstock champion Ahmad Zamani also faired with similar results. Zamani took the win in Race 2 of the Superbike category after experiencing suspension setup issues in Race 1. Winning Race 1 of the Superbike category was three-time champion Yasuhiro Kuhara.



As it turns out, Nashrul and Zamani’s other sibling Ahmad Fuad Baharuddin scored a double victory, winning both races of the Supesports Championship category. Prior to entering the MSS Bikes race weekend, Fuad also took a double-win at the Petronas AAM Cub Prix’s opening round in Melaka.



Here are the categorical top 3 standings of last weekend’s races:
Superbike Open Championship – Race 1 (10 laps)
1.Yasuhiro Kuhara (Honda CBR1000) 22:37.556s
2. Steve Martin (Kawasaki ZX10) 22:41.684s
3. Luca Cassoni (BMW S1000RR) 22:14.900s

Superbike Championship – Race 2 (10 laps)
1. Ahmad Zamani Baharuddin (Kawasaki ZX10R) 28:10.727s
2. Eric Chia (Kawasaki ZX10R) 28:24.108s
3. Luca Cassoni (BMW S1000RR) 28:24.469s

Superstock Open Championship – Race 1 (10 laps)
1.Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin (Kawasaki ZX10R) 22:33.845s
2. Nizam Fairuz Hassan (Honda CBR1000) 22:44.707s
3. Mohd Zairie Zaharuddin (Honda CBR1000) 23:03.801s

Superstock Championship – Race 2 (10 laps)
1.Kelvin Chia (Ducati Panigale) 28:11.685s
2. Nizam Fairuz Hassan (Honda CBR1000) 28:50.939s
3. Ahmad Nashrul Baharuddin (Kawasaki ZX10R) 29:04.546s

Supersports Open Championship – Race 1 (8 laps)
1. Ahmad Fuad Baharuddin (Kawasaki ZX6R) 18:21.890s
2. Muhammad Zaqhwan Zaidi (Honda CBR600) 18:29.126s
3. Stephen Ewan (Kawasaki ZX6R) 19:11.010s

Supersports Open Championship – Race 2 (8 laps)
1. Ahmad Fuad Baharuddin (Kawasaki ZX6R) 24:46.153s
2. Muhammad Zaqhwan Zaidi (Honda CBR600) 24:55.960s
3. Rey Retukore (Yamaha YZF-6R) 25:39.307s

Open 250 Cup – Race 1 (8 laps)
1. Muhammad Fazli Mansuar (Kawasaki) 22:00.549s
2. Stephen Ewan (Kawasaki) 22:04.621s
3. Mohd Adam Mohd Norrodin (Honda) 19:49.770s (7 laps)

Open 250 Cup (8 laps)
1.Muhammad Fazli Mansuar (Kawasaki) 22:15.263s .
2. Stephen Ewan (Kawasaki) 22:17.402s
3. Mohd Adam Mohd Norrodin (Honda) 22:17.998s

Check out the scene from Round 1, photos by Aiena. aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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