Moto2: MV Agusta Cancels 2019 Moto2 Contract with Romano Fenati

  • Giovanni Castiglioni has announced that we will stop Romano Fenati’s contract with MV Agusta for the 2019 Moto2 Championship.

  • Fenati caused an uproar after squeezing Stefano Manzi’s front brake lever at the San Marino GP.

  • Fenati has been given a two-race ban but many are calling for his outright ban from motorcycle racing.

Giovanni Castiglioni announced on his Instagram account that MV Agusta he will stop Romano Fenati from his contracted ride for MV Agusta in the 2019 Moto2 season.

Hot headed Moto2 rider Fenati caused an uproar among racing fans for his actions at the San Marino Grand Prix yesterday. Ironically, Manzi is the current rider for the Forward Racing Team who are the team running MV Agusta and contracted Fenati for next season.

Romano Fenati Picked to Ride MV Agusta Moto2 Race Bike

Giovanni, the CEO of MV Agusta, did not mince his words and opined that Fenati’s actions was the “worse and saddest thing he had seen in a bike race,” before going on to say that he would have handed Fenati a lifetime ban if he was with Dorna.

Indeed, Fenati had been handed a 2-race ban by Dorna and FIM from the next GP but everyone, including us, is of the opinion that it is not enough. Banging fairings is one thing but applying the brakes at 230 km/h could have caused Manzi to flip over.

If the race ban is ridiculous, adding insult is Dorna docking Manzi with a six-grid placing penalty at the next GP. Other MotoGP riders have done worse stuff and gotten away.

Manzi had lunged inside Fenati at Turn Four when the latter went wide. Fenati turned back toward the apex and the two came together, and almost crashing. However, both riders managed to collect themselves and continue riding. Fenati then caught up with Manzi after Turn Seven and squeezed the latter’s front brake lever when they were side-by-side. Manzi would go on to crash in a separate incident two laps later, while Fenati was black flagged for “irresponsible riding.” Please click on the video below to watch.

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