Man injured after hitting fishing line booby trap on DUKE Highway

A post on Twitter is currently going viral as a motorcycle rider was injured due to a booby-trap placed on the DUKE Highway using fishing lines. Luckily, the man only suffered minor injuries but still had to get some stitches on his nose due to this dangerous act by some idiot here in Malaysia.

Twitter user, @musqimsempoi, posted the photos of his friend who got into the nasty situation but was lucky to escape with his life as he was riding slowly when the incident took place. Cuts were seen on his nose, cheek, and neck showed the extent of his injuries but just imagine if the rider was riding slightly faster. Things could’ve been much, much worse.

Even his helmet strap was partially cut, which displays how dangerous the trap was placed by some lunatic. Riding motorcycles by itself is already dangerous to begin but this was definitely an attempt to cause harm on motorcyclists, or even death.

We’re not really sure which area this trap was placed (the photos are not that clear). Perhaps, readers can share some details and hopefully inform your friends and family to be even more careful when riding their motorcycles near the area. Be safe out there, people! As for the culprit, we hope that PDRM can investigate the matter as fast as possible and bring the person to justice. Maniac!

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