Man Drags Cat Behind Bike, Claims He Heard Voices

  • An Indonesian man tortured and dragged a cat behind a motorcycle.

  • The cat’s owner caught the act on video.

  • Police caught him later and he told them that he heard voices to kill the cat.

An Indonesian man was arrested for dragging a cat behind his motorcycle. He claims to have “head voices” telling him to torture the cat because it was evil.

Diefie Hafiez Maufalia was looking for her ginger-coloured cat, Mio, when she saw the horrific scene involving a familiar-looking cat. She was outraged at the act but was afraid to reprimand the man for fear of his reactions. So she whipped out her phone and shot the video of him dragging the cat behind his motorcycle.

“The passenger was the one who pulled the cat, but I wasn’t sure if the cat was still alive or not,” Diefie told Detik News (Indonesian media).

Ms Didie – Photo credit Detik News

The 15-second video went viral and the police hunted down the perpetrator based on the motorcycle’s number plate.

They revealed an even more disturbing find after questioning.

The man had beaten the cat until it stopped moving before tying a rope around the poor animal’s neck and dragged him behind his accomplice’s motorcycle. He also claimed that he
“heard voices” telling him to carry out the macabre act.

Police sent him to the hospital afterwards to check on his mental state after he kept chaning his story during questioning.

Diefie said Mio has yet returned home.

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