Malaysia’s most interesting motorcycle contest has just been launched!

In the thick of the recent MotoGP action at the Sepang International Circuit, Modenas Malaysia stole part of the show with the launch of Bakat Besi, Malaysia’s first talent search programme for Design and Bike Engineering. The programme aims to offer builders, mechanics, students and motorcycle enthusiasts a chance to make a career out of passion through Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina, the first installment of the talent search programme that will seek many different skill sets with the first being design and build.

There is undeniably no shortage of talent in Malaysia, with talents sitting idle and waiting for an opportunity to shine, but with no real chance to do so on a national or international platform, these talents remain hidden all around the country; their talents wasted.

“With Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina platform, potential talents can unleash their engineering and design creativity, while making an income for themselves and their families, and also providing a continuity to the local motorcycle industry,” said Wazi Hamid, veteran motorcycle Cub Prix champion and pioneer in the motorcycle industry in Malaysia.

“Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina is probably the best motorcycle contest that gives talented Malaysians a chance to make a career out of their talents. As far as the industry goes, we have seen how talents are misplaced through illegal racing and criminal activities and there isn’t a proper platform that enables these young talents to explore the possibilities of professional career,” said Keshy Dhillon, Managing Editor of Moto Malaya & Bikes Republic who was present as the KOL for the programme.

While there are no statistics reported on the illegal street racing, the New Straits Times have reported that about 2,837 illegal racers arrested from 2003 to 2007. That does not include the unreported cases, hence, the numbers are expected to be higher. It was reported two years ago that in a bid to curb illegal motorcycle races, the government is set to allow Mat Rempits the chance to race on the streets of Kuala Lumpur, in legal fashion. Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor states that the idea behind these organised races is to counter the growing problem of illegal motorcycle racing.

“We want the motorcycle community to not merely be social catalysts but also contribute to the economic engine as opportunities in industry grows. Done systematically this will provide new enterprise that the youths will be attracted to, reducing social ills and unemployment, taking away street racers, putting them in R&D, manufacturing and marketing. Bakat Besi is the kick starter to achieve that,” added Amirudin Abd Kadir, Chief Executive Officer of Modenas Malaysia (above) during the launch.

Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina contest is set to establish a platform for talents to uncover, develop and refine their design and bike engineering skills and help them set foot in the growing automotive industry in Malaysia.

The contest will be divided into two categories, the first one being ‘Bina Sifu’, grouping together 12 top builders in Malaysia to customise and modify motorcycles provided by the main sponsor of Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina – Modenas, who are sponsoring their latest series of street bikes, the V15, Pulsar RS200 and NS200.

The 12 builders will be divided into six teams, and each team will have one constructor and one customiser. Each team will be allocated a budget of RM10,000 and their entry will be judged on the aesthetic, performance and commercial value of the motorcycle. The winner will receive a cash prize, a new Modenas motorcycle, and a production contract.

The second category is called the ‘Reka Sifu’ which is a design contest where contestants will need to submit a concept design of a Modenas motorcycle or design stickers (livery). All contestants will be judged by a panel of judges and by the public digitally via social media platform.

The contest will be filmed, giving the public exclusive view of how the builders design and build the street bikes, offering an unprecedented point of view to this unique contest. The nine-episode series will be aired on Modenas’ official YouTube channel. The judging panel for the contest is sixty percent of the total scoring. With that, the public will be able to vote for their favourite customised bike by design and performance and stand a chance to win a Modenas motorcycle in the process.

For more information on the contest, please log on to and follow Bakat Besi: Peraduan Reka Bina on R8DER’s Facebook page.

Watch the video below for more information regarding Bakat Besi!

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