Malaysian couple returns home from global Honda RS150R honeymoon ride

Malaysian couple Mohd Alfishahrin Zakaria and Diana Latief has returned home to Malaysia late yesterday after completing their epic global Honda RS150R honeymoon ride.

The newlyweds spent over six months riding the Honda RS150R supercub across 25 countries which ended in London, England.

The couple was welcomed by family members, friends and representatives from Boon Siew Honda, GIVI Malaysia, PEMADAM and many more upon their return yesterday just in time for Malaysia Day.

After six months on the road riding across 25 countries, Malaysian newlyweds Mohd Alfishahrin Zakaria and Diana Latief has finally returned home to Malaysia late yesterday just in time for Malaysia Day. The couple took the Honda RS150R supercub for a trip of a lifetime around the world.

Friends, family members and even officials from Boon Siew Honda, GIVI Malaysia and PEMADAM (Persatuan Mencegah Dadah Malaysia) were all present at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport Arrival Hall to welcome back the couple after spending over half a year riding across the globe on a 150cc moped.

The trip which started on 8 April 2017 was officially completed on 31 August 2017 on Malaysia’s Independence Day when they flew the Malaysian flag in the heart of London to mark their momentous achievement. There is only a handful of people who has achieved this globetrotting feat but to do so while riding a 150cc cub is something extra special.

When asked about their experiences, both Alfie and Diana commented on how good the Honda RS150R withstood the numerous batteries and challenges while riding across 25 countries. Being ridden in temperatures ranging from -10° all the way to a blistering 50°, the only issue that they had with the moped was one single tyre puncture.

They’ve also commented that Switzerland was hands down the most beautiful country they’ve ever seen with the best scenic view whereas India presented the most challenges from its rough terrains to world famous traffic congestions.

The couple also informed us how surprised they were when it comes to countries like Iran. While they were told that the country was filled with danger, it was a completely opposite experience from them as they met the nicest people there who took them into their homes, offered them food and even showed them around town.

They were offered the best hospitality from complete strangers even though there was a big gap in communication where the Iranians they met spoke very little English.

All in all, the couple symbolises the true spirit of Malaysians and riding. Even before the trip ended, they are already thinking of other international bike journeys such as going for Hajj. For now, they’re super excited to get some good rest and have some Malaysian nasi lemak in the morning.

A huge congratulation to Alfie and Diana for completing such an awesome feat and Happy Malaysia Day to everyone from us here at Bikes Republic and our sister site,!

To know more about their adventures on the road, you can check out their Facebook pages by clicking HERE for Alfie’s and HERE for Diana’s.

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