Kymco scooter connectivity suite shown at CES 2017

Advanced Kymco scooter connectivity suite is everything a scooter rider would want according to the Taiwanese marque.

Leading Taiwanese manufacturer Kymco bowed an advanced scooter connectivity suite during the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017 in Las Vegas.

As it is, the Kymco scooter connectivity suite promises to be everything any scooter rider would want. The features a large round digital display that’s can be toggled by three switches next to the rider’s right thumb.

The display gives the rider various information like the weather forecast, speed, a trip computer or a “Smart Compass“ navigation. Notably, the suite also boasts smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth and Kymco’s own Noodoe app.

According to Kymco, the Noodoe app was developed as a means to simplify things. A clear example of which can be seen in the weather display app that shows weather information for the next three hours or so.

The Smart Compass display, on the other hand, uses a radar-like interface that shows the distance and relative direction of the destination chosen on the smartphone app. This feature is also able to show locations of critical sites such as petrol stations and service centres.

Additionally, the Kymco Noodoe app has a feature that helps you locate your scooter in the event that forgot where you parked it. Furthermore, the suite’s has a fully customisable display with the ability to share information with other users plus social media connectivity, but this feature is only accessible when the scooter is stationary.

Presently, the Kymco scooter connectivity suite plus its accompanying Noodoe app comes as a standard feature in the brand’s AK 550 maxi-scooter model. It is also available as an option for the Like 150i model.

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