KTM reveals Fuel-injected Two-stroke Motorcycles

KTM has finally taken the covers off their latest fuel-injected two-stroke motocross bikes for 2018; the KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI.

The new ‘Transfer Port Injection’ (TPI) technology has two fuel injectors that fires directly into the transfer port without the need of pre-mixing the fuels.

This new fuel-injected technology for two-stroke engines means that it can greatly improve power delivery, lower fuel consumption and requires no messing with for the air-to-fuel ratio for different riding conditions.

It’s finally here, ladies and gentlemen. KTM has finally unveiled their latest masterpiece in their two-stroke motocross line up. Unlike previous motorcycles that they have launched before, these motorcycles represent the new era of two-stroke technology where KTM has combined it with fuel injection capabilities.

Introducing the new 2018 KTM 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI. With the TPI stands for ‘Transfer Port Injection’, this particular technological marvel has two fuel injectors that will fire directly into the transfer port which in turn requires no fuel premix, better power delivery, improved fuel consumption and no mucking about the air-to-fuel ratio settings for different riding conditions.

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Together with the new Transfer Port Injection, KTM has also implemented a brand new engine management system and ECU which will assist greatly in fine tuning the bike for the best fuel injection delivery and ignition timing all day, every day.

Since the 250 EXC TPI and 300 EXC TPI are going to front line the movement of two-stroke machines into the future, KTM has also implemented brand new cylinders, air filter box, oil pump and fuel tank to make sure that the bikes perform at their optimum ranges no matter the riding conditions.

According to a report made by MCN, the bikes will be available in the UK market sometime around June. No mention of the prices just yet but we’ll keep you posted once we have all of the necessary information.

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Photo source: KTM

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