KTM Malaysia hosts group ride into Southern Thailand

KTM Malaysia successfully hosts 111 bikes in annual group ride into Thailand.


The newly restructured KTM Malaysia firm successfully conducted its annual group ride for members of the KTM Malaysia Owners Group (KMOG) community into Southern Thailand last weekend.

The ride sees the firm continuing the efforts previously initiated under its former KTM Malaysia CKD banner in providing customers and owners with the Austrian brand’s unique lifestyle experience.


One example of such is its annual cross-border group ride to Thailand. This year’s edition brought the group into Southern Thailand for the Khlong Hae Bike Week 2016 event. Besides annual cross-border rides, the firm also hosts local rides frequently like the ride to Port Dickson we took part in back in 2014.


The recent three-day ride was flagged off on May 27 at KTM Malaysia’s CKD plant in Jitra, Kedah. Besides providing a support truck and subsidising lodging costs for participants, a number of KTM Malaysia staff members were present as well, offering technical support and assistance during the immigration process at the Sadao border.


Notably, KTM Malaysia’s counterparts from KTM Hat Yai were also on board and assisted by guiding the group around the Songkhla province’s popular tourism havens of Hat Yai and Klong Hae.


The ride saw a total of 111 bikes and more than 120 owners – plus pillions – participating in it. The bulk of the group comprised of owners of popular locally assembled (CKD) KTM models such as the Duke naked and RC sport-bodied models.

Also present here for the first time were a number of owners astride both the fully imported (CBU) and locally assembled iterations of KTM 1050 Adventure model that was launched not too long ago.


Following the ride’s successful running, KTM Malaysia’s marketing manager Adam Kasim was keen to highlight the firm’s eagerness in supporting both its CKD and CBU owners.

He states, “While we continue to foster the CKD model owners as before, KTM Malaysia will also extend the same degree of support to all our CBU model owners through group rides as such and other specially tailored lifestyle oriented activities as well.”


Since it underwent a restructuring late last year, KTM Malaysia has expanded its range the Malaysian market beyond its popular Duke and RC CKD models. The most notable addition here was the KTM 1050 Adventure, which was first introduced as a CBU model before being re-launched as a CKD model earlier this year. (Read our test-ride review here)


KTM Malaysia will be expanding its range further with the introduction of the new KTM 1290 Super Duke GT model sometime later this year.

You can check out more images from our cross-border ride in the collage and gallery we’ve prepared below.




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KMOG Ride to Klong Hae Bike Week 2016

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