KTM 390 Duke Battle Malaysia Rd. 4 @ Perak

KTM 390 Duke Battle intensifies with drama and tension during its fourth round in Perak.


Injecting the KBS-MAM Kapcai Endurance weekend in Perak with the colour orange, the KTM 390 Duke Battle Malaysia once again offered intense racing and high drama.


Given the Dato’ Sagor Circuit’s long sweeping corners, plenty of riders fell victim to the 390 Duke race bike’s apparent lack of height clearance in a lean. As a result, there were plenty of low-siding incidents, while some suffered damaged shifters that left them stuck in third gear.

Clearly, the two races held on Sunday morning and afternoon was challenging for most of the 15 riders that lined up the grid.


Race 1 saw rider Muhammad Fairuz Zain Salleh crossing the line in first, fenidng off the charges and advances of second place rider Mohammad Khairi Zakaria. Claiming third in Race 1 was Mohd Reffe Mohd Kamar.

Tensions rose in Race 2 after Race 1’s winner Muhammad Fairuz Zain Salleh was disqualified from the second race. This then allowed rider Mohammad Khairi Zakaria to claim the win for Race 2.

Riders Mohammad Firdaus Jaffer and Shahil Hafiz Mohd Sajahan completed the podium in second and third places respectively.


Collecting enough overall points from two races, Khairi Zakaria was crowned the weekend’s champion, whilst Firdaus Jaffer and Shahil Hafiz took second and third places respectively. Both Khairi and Firdaus also earned their spot in the series’ final race scheduled towards the end of this year.

The fifth round of the KTM 390 Duke Battle will be held alongside the fifth round of the KBS-MAM Kapcai Endurace series in Muar, Johore, later this month.

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