KTM 390 Adventure Test Bike Spotted Again

  • The KTM 390 Adventure test bike was spotted undergoing road tests in India again.

  • It’s apparent from the spy pictures that the bike’s styling follows the 790 Adventure’s.

  • There is also a TFT display like the 390 Duke’s.

The KTM 390 Adventure test bike was spotted undergoing road tests in India again.

The Austrian off-road and adventure juggernaut have filled the midrange and open-class categories, so it is ironic that they do not have one in the lightweight segment. Virtually every rival manufacturer has one.

It is thus of no surprise to see a 390 Adventure. The factory has not provided more details of the “new” bike. However, we could see from the pictures that the test mule uses upside-down forks.

The headlamp cluster’s styling also takes after the new KTM 790 Adventure, as do the seats and sidepanels covering the sub-frame beneath. The panels flaking the radiator looks similar to the manufacturer’s EX/C and Enduro lineup.

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Apart from those, the fuel tank is in the traditional position as opposed to the 790 Adventure’s low-slung unit. We cannot judge the seat’s height from the photos, though. Also, we’d like to point out that the exhaust is mounted too low if this new bike is off-road capable. A revised version is in the works, perhaps? Or are there two versions: One more road-oriented “S” model and another off-road biased “R” model?

It’s apparent in the second picture that the bike has a TFT display identical to the 390 Duke’s. Will it feature the Rally mode first seen in the 790 Adventure?

Come what may, we’ve got our fingers crossed.

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