Kawasaki Z250SL review – A lady rider’s take

A lady rider’s impressions of the newly launched Kawasaki Z250SL entry-level naked bike.


Written by: Melissa E. Duis

Having less than a year of riding experience behind me, the Kawasaki Z250SL was an apt ride.Well suited to beginners, the bike would fit a petite rider like a glove.


With its ingenuous design, the Kawasaki Z250SL was built with the fairer sex in mind: petite, curvaceous yet compact enough that from a distance, it looks as well-stocked as a full-fledged big bike. Despite its genteel appearance, it rides just as fiercely as the toughest looking bike in its league.


Although, one of my few qualms with the bike was I felt it was built too slim for its overall height. From a lady’s perspective, this seemed rather like a lady running in high heels – albeit wickedly fast and nimble!


And, this slight feel of inadequacy only kicked in when I rode the Kawasaki Z250SL on the highway, between 90 – 100km/h. It dashes very well around tight corners and the city but the fact that it is a smaller bike only sinks in when one takes it sprinting down the wide open road.


A seasoned rider would not mind as much, but the Kawasaki Z250SL’s lack of a gear indicator thwarted my journey quite a bit until I figured out the feel and acoustics of the engine.


Speaking of engines, I’m no expert, but rest assured that the 250cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine kicks in enough fervour. Whether it is to overtake, or to open up that throttle down the highway, it does the job rather well.


Although this Kawasaki ‘chick ride’, as I like to call it, is not exactly the number one contender for the meanest and most powerful ride out there, it does make for a fun ride around the city, especially when one is met up with the challenge of heavy city traffic: turning corners is a actually breeze with this bike.


Furthermore, the engine responds so well that gear shifting is smooth, which would definitely help with new riders. Additionally, the Kawasaki Z250SL’s safety and comfort offered are unbeatable: another added bonus for new riders.


For those thinking of getting their first bike, the Kawasaki Z250SL is highly recommended. Not only is it tremendously easy to handle, but nothing beats the feeling of learning the basic skills of riding with a machine that is very well put together.


Launched shortly before this year’s Raya holidays, Kawasaki Z250SL carries a sticker price of RM15,739. Said price includes Kawasaki Malaysia’s offer of a two-year or 20,000km warranty (whichever comes first).

Kawasaki Z250SL
Engine: Single cylinder, liquid-cooled, 4-stroke
Displacement: 249cc
Bore and stroke: 72.0 x 61.2 mm
Compression ratio: 11.3:1
Valve system: DOHC, 4-valves
Fuel supply: Fuel injection
Ignition: Digital
Starter: Electric
Transmission: 6-speed, Return-type manual
Power: 25hp@9,700rpm
Torque: 22.6Nm@8,200rpm
Frame type: Tubular diamond, steel
Rake/Trail: 24 degree / 90mm
Suspension, Front: 37mm telescopic fork type Suspension,
Rear: Bottom-link uni-trak with spring pre-load: 5-levels
Tyres: Front – 110/80-17M/C 52S || Rear 130/70 – 17M/C 62S
Brake Front: Single 290mm Petal Disc with Dual-Piston Caliper
Brake Rear: Single 220mm Petal Disc with Dual-Piston Caliper
Length x Width x Height: 1,935 x 700 x 1,015mm
Wheelbase: 1,330mm
Seat Height: 785mm
Fuel capacity: 11 litres
Weight: 148kg

2014 Kawasaki Z250SL Gallery

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