Kawasaki working on Artifical Intelligence for bikes

Kawasaki reportedly developing Artificial Intelligence technology for future bikes.

Screen grab from Terminator Salvation (2009)
Screen grab from Terminator Salvation (2009)

It seems Kawasaki is playing catch up against rivals Yamaha as we receive reports that that Team Green is hard at work currently in developing its own Artificial Intelligence technology for bikes of the not-so-distant future.

As you may already know, Yamaha is at the forefront of this race through its Motobot program. Yamaha’s mission is rather ambitions as it plans to fully develop a robot that could race equally as fast as Valentino Rossi.


Kawasaki, on the other hand, has a slightly different mission. Team Green’s still in development Artificial Intelligence (or AI in short) project is actually aimed at growing its motorcycles further by letting it have evolving personalities to compliment its owners.

Yes, this may sound ludicrous for many staunch and traditional riders, but this computer-powered future isn’t too far off from reality.

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Case in point is adaptive traction control systems primed on MotoGP bikes. This system adjusts various rider aid settings on-the-fly depending on course conditions and rider inputs. That, in itself, is a very basic form of AI already and somewhat compliments riders taming these high-speed land-missiles.

And, according to Kawasaki’s own documents, its AI tech would allow two of the same owners to buy identical models from the same dealer, but both bikes will having distinctively different state of beings developed based on each owner rides their respective machines.

You could also call the Bosch IMU system as another basic form of AI.
You could also call the Bosch IMU system as another basic form of AI.

In other words, Kawasaki wants its bikes to create a greater and much deeper bond with its riders through AI. Kawasaki believes that this would eventually lead to brand loyalty and thus repeat sales for the brand in the long run.

Team Green’s documents also reportedly outlined a few parameters that its AI system will measure. It includes the rider’s voice and riding inputs that will be used to interpret a personality profile of sorts that will also grow over time.

The explanation also highlights the adaptation of “internet connectivity” “cloud storage” services as well, indicating this future tech’s wireless and high connectivity nature – just like any other smartphone we see today.

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Not only an interesting concept, it brings forth some radical new ideas that not only could make riding safer, but it also  debates about privacy – do you really want your favourite bike company to know everything about your life away from the hot seat for example?

Whether you welcome our new machine overlords or not is irrelevant. The fact here is that it is coming and we ought to be prepared for some huge changes in the way we ride in the not-so-distant future indeed.


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