Kawasaki Malaysia launches Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course

Kawasaki Motors Malaysia (KMSB) has officially launched the Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course.

Together with the support from their principal Kawasaki Heavy Industries and K-TEC Corporation Japan, the program is intended to ultimately reduce the number of accidents involving motorcyclists in Malaysia.

The course will be offered to new and current Kawasaki owners to further enhance their riding ability through theory and practical programs.

In an effort to further strengthen their Corporate Social Responsibility initiative here in Malaysia, Kawasaki Motors Malaysia Sdn Bhd (KMSB) has launched a new program called the Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course (KSRR). The program was officially launched earlier today at the Sepang International Kart Circuit.

This is the first ever safety program to be organised by KMSB together with their principal, Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd. together with K-TEC Corporation Japan. With the aim to promote safety and responsible riding for all Kawasaki owners in the country, KMSB hopes to lower the number of accidents affecting motorcyclists through theory and practical activities embedded within this new course.

Present today was Hiroyuki Saito, President of K-TEC Corporation who said “Today, KMSB is holding the first safety riding school. It is a great honour and delight that K-TEC is able to work with KMSB and KHI for this program and is able to contribute to the promotion of traffic safety and the prevention of accidents involving motorcycles here in Malaysia,”

“Through this program, we obtain the opportunity to share with Malaysian customers our knowledge and skills of the operation of motorcycles, which has been accumulated over a long time within our company” added Saito.

According to Ahmad Faez Tan Sri Yahaya, Executive Chairman of KMSB, “With Kawasaki Rideology concept incorporated in our motorcycles and the rider training program at Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course, we can offer current and new customers opportunity to enhance their riding ability for a safer and enjoyable experience. Kawasaki motorcycles are meant to be fun to rid and exciting to go places, for customers to enjoy and to let the good times roll.”

Through this program, Kawasaki owners will be able to access the major contributors of road accidents through vital data as well as practical training thanks to KMSB’s very own trained instructors certified by K-TEC and Kawasaki Japan. This will help to ensure that all participants will learn, experience and ultimately enhance their overall riding ability.

To know more about the Kawasaki Safety and Responsible Riding Course, head on over to their official website or Facebook page.

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