In-helmet music playback with the Headwave TĀG

Turn your entire helmet into a concert hall with the cool and innovative Headwave TĀG concert capsule.


If you are the kind of rider that fancied enjoying your favourite songs whilst riding, then here’s your chance to make it happen. Meet the Headwave TĀG ‘concert capsule’, which is a capsule-like audio contraption that, according to its creators at least, promises to turn your entire helmet into a concert hall.

Released in the market sometime this year, the TĀG capsule was designed and built by an innovative German company called Headwave. Though the featured photos sees the capsule being attached to a racy full-face helmet, the firm claims that the capsule was design to fit onto any and all helmet types.


The capsule is attached on the back part of the helmet, where it is held on using a series of very strong adhesive strips lining the attaching surface. The firm further claims that the capsule was homologated to stick on the helmet even when travelling at speeds of up to 250km/h.

Furthermore, the device has received an IP67 certification, meaning it is totally protected against dust and against the effects of water emersion between 15cm to 1 metre with Headwave further adding an element of shock protection too. The device runs on batteries that are rechargeable via USB, promising long usability between 6 to 8 hours too.


How the Headwave TĀG works is rather simple. It features a special transponder that produces vibrations inside the helmet shell, using the shell itself as a resonance chamber. The sound direction is focused only on the inside, leaving just a faint buzz on the outside as claimed by Headwave. Headwave also claims that the TĀG’s sound quality is qualitative, but this is a claim we’d rather verify when test the gadget ourselves.

Still, the overall engineering of it sounds on the level, and the Headwave TĀG’s ability to connect with any Bluetooth smart device sounds handy. Besides streaming your favourite playlist, you could also connect your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled GPS unit with the TĀG to receive vocal guidance i.e. Waze.


The only downside to the Headwave TĀG is the absence of a microphone, meaning you can’t use it as a hands-free device to answer or make calls, yet. Still, we don’t see this as a serious downside though – the need to deal with phone calls whilst riding should be the least of any rider’s priority.

The Headwave TĀG can be purchased online via its official site, and is priced at €299 each with free worldwide shipping.

If any of you local bikers (Malaysians!) have acquired one and wish to share with us your experience with this device, do not hesitate to reach via email ( ) or via the official Facebook page as well.

Sources: Headwave PR via AutoEvolution

Images: Headwave PR

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