Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Ltd revealed

Revived German bikes brand Horex revealed its limited edition VR6 Café Racer 33 Ltd recently, placing itself towards buyers seeking high exclusivity.


As its name suggest, the firm will only produce 33 units of the VR6 Café Racer 33 Ltd. Horex created the bike in collaboration with aftermarket parts brand LSL, explaining the bike’s rich use of LSL-branded parts all-round. These include the seat, tail cover, triple clamps, and footpegs that are then complimented by other parts such as the headlight bracket and the aluminium radiator shield.


Besides that, the chassis is also primed with 43mm FGRT front forks and TTX36 rear shocks supplied by Ohlins, Brembo brakes with radial master cylinder and Monobloc calipers, whilst electronics experts Bosch supplies much of the bike’s electronics including ABS.


The centrepiece of the Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Ltd however is its intricately engineered engine. The VR6’s 1,218cc narrow-angle V6 engine is primed with three camshafts, as well as three valves per cylinder in a radial configuration, all working in synch to produce 126hp in total.

Continuing with the number ‘3’ theme, the Horex VR6 Café Racer 33 Ltd will see its owners fork out €33,333 to purchase one.


2014 Horex VR6 Cafe Racer 33 Ltd

Source: Visordown
Image source: Autoevolution

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