Honda plans to launch a new middleweight Forza?

Looks like Honda is planning to unveil a new Forza in October. A 15-second teaser trailer was posted on YouTube and based on what experts in the field are reporting, it might be a middleweight maxi-scooter that will be the successor of the Honda NC 700D Integra. OMG.

The short video highlights the date of the launch, which will be on 14 October 2020. Not much can be seen regarding the new maxi-scooter apart from a few details like the engine casing, front fairing, and a strong message that states, “The Forza family is getting bigger.”

For the Malaysian market, we already have the Honda Forza 300 which many have praised its good overall performance despite its price tag (RM30,999). We can safely assume that this new Forza will have a much bigger capacity, possibly a lot closer to the 750cc Honda X-ADV. It’ll also most likely carry the impressive DCT transmission unit as well.

We can also see a much more aggressive front-end design that’ll hopefully grab the market by the cojones and get some huge sales coming in for the Japanese manufacturer. We’re still not sure if this beauty will make its way to Malaysia, but looking at how Boon Siew Honda is rapidly increasing its Big Bike offering for the local market, it won’t be a surprise if it does arrive. When? Only Honda knows, for now.

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