Here’s a safety reminder by Captain Nik Huzlan to all Malaysian riding enthusiasts

Before you leg over into the hot seat for that ride you planned for this public holiday weekend, take a read of this safety reminder by Captain Nik Huzlan.

Undoubtedly, us motorcyclists are most vulnerable to danger on the roads. It really doesn’t take much to put us – as well as others – at risk. Unfortunately, that is the price we pay to enjoy this little passion of ours.

Every week, reports of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists are published in the news where victims are reported to be fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, sometimes children too. We’re sure many of you can relate to losing friends through this too.

Recently, veteran rider and renowned motorcycling enthusiast Datuk Captain Nik Huzlan Nik Hussein took to his social media space to share a few reminders to all two-wheeled enthusiast in Malaysia. This is something we felt worth sharing to all of you in light of the long public holiday weekend that beckons.

Datuk Captain Nik Huzlan is, of course, someone who needs no introduction. He was formerly Chief Pilot for national flag-bearer MAS before retiring, but he’s most renowned as a hardcore ‘rider’. The latter is exemplified by his riding experience spanning over half a decade plus his renowned ownership of over 200 motorcycles of various genres too.

In this recent – and lengthy – Facebook posting of his, Datuk Captain Nik Huzlan shared some valuable pointers as a reminder to all motorcyclists in Malaysia to ride safely:

  • Always have an escape plan.
  • Reduce risk of injury by wearing safety gear.
  • But be reminded safety gear does NOT make one invincible.
  • Space out properly when group riding, especially with those you don’t know well.
  • If you have to try hard to catch up, DON’T. Real Biker Buddies will wait for you.
  • If you have to try hard to stay ahead, DON’T, there’s no trophy waiting for you.
  • Watch out for errant cars and lorries. Most drivers are ‘blind’ and ‘deaf’.
  • Large articulated vehicles are not agile, need space and have plenty of blind spots. Anticipate their moves always.
  • Be careful at junctions and U-Turns, even if it’s your “Right of Way”.
  • Never take a green light for granted, cross carefully.
  • Always check your 6 o’clock.
  • Reduce closing speed always.
  • Don’t ride faster that you can stop.
  • Extra caution on trunk roads with two-way traffic.
  • Armco barriers only helps cars but kill bikers, so be aware of their presence.
  • A pothole on a smooth road is more dangerous than a pothole on a bad road.
  • Oil on the road can appear anytime, anywhere.
  • Solid impact of just 5KM/H will be lethal.
  • Bad riding manners on a group ride can be hazardous to others.
  • Fatigue, lack of sleep, is the silent killer.
  • Be aware at all times.
  • The first five years of your biking life will be the most dangerous period. But that does not mean the rest will not be dangerous if you forget the few golden rules.
  • Enrol in an Accredited Safety Riding course, your best investment after buying your helmet.

Apart from these key points shared he shared, Captain Nik also warned that the first five years of riding a motorcycle are the most dangerous period.

Concurrently, he also reminds us not to just invest in expensive helmets, but also sing-up with an accredited motorcycle riding course for training and re-training – the latter is just as crucial as the former indeed.

The lengthy but insightful posting by Captain Nik is merely intended to serve as a reminder to motorcyclists in Malaysia who often face danger not only from others but also themselves.

“In the 50 years on (fast) two wheels I have had the tragic “privilege” of seeing friends crashing live, a few fatal, being at the scene of crashes involving friends, and hearing news of friends dying in accidents.”

“A few times I found myself waiting at the morgue for the family to arrive, something I will not wish upon anyone,” adds Captain Nik Huzlan in his posting.

We hope this serves as a solid reminder to all of you, our readers, and fellow passionate two-wheeled enthusiasts. Always keep these points in mind before you leg over and hit the road. aims to bring you the latest motorcycle news reviews videos and entertainment for everything related to motorcycles from around the world.

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