Helmade now lets you design your own helmet online

‘Design & Buy’ feature by Helmade lets buyers create their own unique helmet style.

Keen on rocking your very own helmet design? Helmade is making that dream a whole lot easier to obtain thanks to its ‘Design & Buy’ feature that’s available on its website now.

Through this feature, the renowned German design firm lets buyers create their own touches to a select range of motorcycle helmets. Amongst the key brands offered with this novel option include AGV, Bell, Arai and more.

To see just how much customisation the firm offers, we took a few cracks at styling our very own lids on their site. Though rather basic in terms of graphics selection and choices between matte and glossy hues, the results are very enticing so to speak…

Effectively, it only takes minutes for anyone to get a custom design done online with Helmade. However, there is a huge catch to this: cost.

Depending on how much you customise your lid, the price Helmade charges for the paintwork alone can almost match – or sometimes surpass! – the price of the base helmet itself.

In other words, it may cost nearly twice the base helmet’s price to get your very own one-off lid painted by Helmade.

If you’re the type who doesn’t mind shelling out that much dough, perhaps even willing and patient enough to risk and wait for overseas delivery, you can have a go at designing your very own lid by visiting their website now.

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