Great news for Harley-Davidson Sportster owners!

  • Harley-Davidson Sportster is one of the most fun motorcycles.
  • Maintenance if not done right, can be costly.
  • Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya and Penang are offering discounted packages with a buy one get one free promotion.

Do you own a Harley-Davidson Sportster? Or do you know someone who does? Then this would be a good time to pay attention as you stand a chance to save some serious cash on maintenance cost, or possibly even help someone save some cash.

What’s happening?

Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya (HDPJ) and Harley-Davidson of Penang (HDPG) are hosting a special Sportster service campaign specially for Sportster owners. It does not matter which year the bike is or where it was bought from, HDPJ and HDPG will be happy to welcome you and your Sportster for this service campaign.

When is it happening?

Now until 31st January 2019, HDPJ and HDPG are offering a special “buy one and get one free” service package.

Will it blow up my bank account?

No! What would usually cost close to RM900, is now available for just RM549. The package includes one Major Service (that involves a engine oil change, transmission oil change, filter change, a brake flush as well as a diagnostics and general inspection) as well as a Minor Service that also involves all of the above expect except for a transmission oil change.

If I buy the package now, do I have to use it immediately?

No! The best thing about this deal is that you can buy the package now or at any point before Jan 31st 2019, and use it anytime within 2019.

Wow, great deal! Where do I buy one of these packages?

Interested? For more information, you can call +60379559399 if you would like to visit Harley-Davidson of Petaling Jaya, or call +6045062200 for Harley-Davidson of Penang.

Co-founder of Bikes Republic and a motoring journalist by night. He is a self described enthusiasts with a passion for speed but instead rides a Harley and a J300. A man of contradictions, he is just as passionate about time off in the quiets as he is about trail braking into turn one at Sepang Circuit on two or four wheels.

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