GIVI launches new square 32-litre GIVI B32 Bold Topcase – RM222

GIVI Asia has launched their latest GIVI B32 Bold Topcase with a square boxy design and 32 litres of capacity.

The new design was chosen specifically to provide a different option for those who are not into the oval-shaped topcases in the current market.

The new B32 Bold Topcase is priced at RM222 (basic price with GST) and comes together with a base plate. Motorcycle rack is sold separately.

GIVI, the very well known Italian motorcycle accessory manufacturer has unveiled their latest addition to the medium size topcase motorcycle storage or “topbox” known as the Monolock B32 Bold. Developed with the patented Monolock System, the new B32 Bold has been specifically designed for maximum storage capacity for smaller displacement motorcycles, mopeds and scooters.

The latest design has been selected according to today’s trend have been used to develop the latest B32 Bold Topcase. Using Polypropylene (PP), the new B32 Bold is made to withstand the harshest weather conditions in Malaysia. It’s also very durable and durable.

“We intentionally chose the square boxy design after some in depth study into current topcase user’s trend. We realise now the square box is more popular in comparison to usual oval shapes. This does not mean that the oval shape is totally being ignored entirely as they have their own region of fans. B32 Bold will be available in the market starting early August” said Mr On Hai Swee, Managing Director of GIVI Asia Sdn Bhd.

Members of the press were invited earlier today are the first people in the world to receive the topcases in conjunction with the topcase soft launch together with the “Media Appreciation Ride” to Port Dickson earlier today. To date, GIVI has sold over 1 million topcases, which is roughly around 15% of Malaysia’s entire motorcycle population.

The ‘Clack’ key system was chosen to go with the B32 Bold due to its ease of use. Users can just close the topbox without working the key. Together with a handy handle, opening and closing have been made easier for users as well. The 32-litre box-shaped box design was chosen to cater to the market’s demand for more edges and modern lines as compared to the other similar capacity boxes with a more rounded design.

The new B32 Bold is priced at RM222 (basic price with GST). The topcase will come together with a base plate and the rack is sold separately ranging from RM45 to RM138 (for smaller capacity motorcycles). The new B32 Bold will be available for public purchase in August 2017. The new GIVI topcase also comes with a two-year warranty.

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