Attempt to Send Marijuana Through Courier Halted

An attempt to send marijuana by courier was thwarted by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (JKDM) Kelantan. They seized 3.007kg of marijuana drugs worth RM7,517.73 in packages at a registered goods courier center in Rantau Panjang a few days ago.

The Director of the department, Wan Jamal Abdul Salam Wan Long, said his party received information from the public before conducting an inspection at the courier centre, witnessed by the courier company’s workers, and finding a package containing cannabis leaves.

He said, the perpetrator’s modus operandi is by using a courier delivery service to distribute compressed pieces of dry leaves of marijuana without giving the full name and address of the sender.

“Investigations are still continuing to track down the owner of the drugs involved and based on the weight of the confiscated ganja it can be distributed to more than 15,000 drug addicts.

“This case is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act (ADB) 1952, which if convicted, the perpetrator will be sentenced to death or life imprisonment and will be sentenced to at least 15 lashes if not sentenced to death.

“The results of the investigation also found that all these drugs are for the local market.”

A word of advice from and MotoMalaya:

To our brothers and sisters who work in the courier and goods delivery sector, there are irresponsible parties who use this service to send prohibited goods. Therefore, we wish you safety and always be vigilant when sending goods. Remember, the excuse “I don’t know” is not accepted in the law because we ourselves have to make sure the things we carry are safe or not.

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