Get rewarded IF you can remove motorcycle tyre from crocodile?

There’s a very unique contest currently ongoing in Indonesia where you can get rewarded if you can successfully remove a motorcycle tyre stuck on a crocodile. That’s right, it’s a legit contest posted by the Central Sulawesi Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA Central Sulawesi) and it’s not fake!

Apparently, there’s a poor wild crocodile in the region of Palu with a motorcycle tyre stuck around its neck and it’s been there for years now. According to Hasmuni Hasmar, head of BKSDA Central Sulawesi, “The contest is to remove the tire from the crocodile’s neck. We will give a reward to anyone who is able to save the crocodile from the tire.”

So, why was the contest posted up in the first place? It seems that the agency doesn’t have enough resources to locate this poor crocodile with that rubber bling around its neck. What they do know is that the four-metre-long croc is regularly spotted around Palu River and Palu Bay.

It might seem funny to some folks, but the agency claims that the tyre has been stuck around the croc’s neck since 2016! Locals have worked with international bodies to help locate and assist in the matter but to no avail until today.

It seems that they’re focused on getting the matter sorted this year and those who are keen on the reward (whatever it may be) can step up and be the man or woman to do so. Best of luck!

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