Gallery: Custom Yamaha SCR950 by Jeff Palhegyi

Custom Yamaha SCR950 by Jeff Palhegyi becomes latest addition into brand’s Faster Sons range.


The Yamaha Faster Sons family of custom bikes just got bigger following the recent addition of the custom Yamaha SCR950 by Jeff Palhegyi.

Renowned builder Palhegyi has been building custom bikes for over two decades. He’s even credited in having built over 70 one-off and bespoke creations throughout his career.

His latest creation sees him transforming the Yamaha SCR950 Bolt-based modern retro scrambler that’s powered by an air-cooled 943cc V-twin. Inspiration for this build came from the 1966 YDS3C Big Bear Scrambler, resulting in the base bike taking on a more classic look and stance.


One of the most obvious changes here is the modified rear subframe assembly that now holds a custom-made triangular seat. The swingarm has been shortened too and now hangs on ox RC1 Podium 14-inch performance shocks.

Palhegyi also opted to prime vintage style off-road fenders, custom high-mounted exhaust, side panels, as well as a shot glass-shaped tail lamp. Besides these come the custom leather-wrapped Renthal scrambler handlebars and a matching custom leather tool fork pouches.


Completing the build are a set of knobby Shinko Adventure Trail tyres wrapped around a set of Ride Wright 40-spoke aluminum soft lip rims, not forgetting the custom-built aluminium headlight bracket and skid plate.


With this special custom Yamaha SCR950 by Jeff Palhegyi added into its Faster Sons line up, Yamaha hopes to inspire SCR950 owners by showing how easy it is to customise said model by just using a series of bolt on parts.

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